Despite the tremendous benefits that e-cigarettes supply, there is still a lot of contention concerning their efficacy as effective cessationquitting-smoking devices. If you’re looking to kick your tobacco habit and have tried nicotine gum, lozenges and patches with little to no success, however, these products could still be right for you. You only need to read a few of the countless posts in online smoking cessation forums to see just how valuable these tools can be for limiting cravings, and for implementing a feasible and manageable plan for weaning yourself off nicotine. Following are a few of the top ways in which the electronic cigarette can help you succeed.

Get A Taste, Feel And Lung Hit That You Enjoy

One of the most important things for people to note when trying e-cigs for the very first time is that not all of these products are created equally. In fact, most e-cig users will attest to the fact that you ultimately get what you pay for. Thus, if you’ve picked up a cheap, low-functioning unit at a nearby liquor or convenience store, you shouldn’t be surprised if your smoking experience is substandard. Moreover, all though the upfront costs of these units are relatively nominal, they are far more expensive over time than simply buying a functional, quality and durable unit outright. So, before you spend any money, check out a few product reviews from actual smokers and find a starter kit that features everything you need.

Starter Kits Can Make This Transition Much Easier

You don’t have to commit to a single e-cig flavor or nicotine strength. There are plenty of kits that will help you determine which nicotine levels work best for you and which options provide a flavor that you actually enjoy tasting. You can find everything from mango, to black cherry, to vanilla-honey-tobacco. Each has its own sweet, distinct and pleasurable taste. Best of all, starter kits will give you a nice, diverse array of flavor options as well as several nicotine strengths. With many of the latest e-cig designs, changing your flavors is cheap and easy. In no time at all, you may even find yourself blending different flavor combinations of your own, mixing products to create your own, needs-specific nicotine strengths or working with sellers that are willing to do all of the mixing for you.

Beat Your Anxiety, Anger, And Frustration

People who argue against e-cigs as being effective cessation devices often assert that the long-term effects of use are not known and that these may not be all that better for human health after all. People have quit by using them, however, almost always say that they feel better. Not only do they report breathing easier and enjoying higher levels of respiratory endurance, but they also cite less anxiety, anger, and frustration while quitting. The best electronic cigarette for smoking cessation will have a comfortable and familiar design that allows you to sate your hand-to-mouth cravings. It will also provide the throat and lung hit you need for not feeling deprived as you move away from tobacco cigarettes for good. This way, your friends and family members don’t have to suffer through rage-fueled outbursts just because you’ve decided to do something good for your health.

Lower Your Nicotine Consumption At A Pace That Feels Right For You

There are many different nicotine strengths to choose from and absolutely no reason to rush your way down to the lowest possible level. A reputable supplier will help you find the perfect strength for matching your former smoking habits. When you get ready to decrease your nicotine intake, you can move down to 12 mg, 6 mg, 3 mg, and finally 0 mg. Some smokers have even said that after they have weaned down to 0 mg, they often forget to use their e-cigs. At this point, smoking will no longer have control over your life.

Enjoy Smoking Without Smelling Like You Do

One benefit that people are virtually guaranteed to gain is cleaner, fresher-smelling skin, clothes, and hair. These products do not emit actual smoke and thus, you don’t have to worry about pungent, unpleasant odors permeating your living environment and stinking up your personal effects. In fact, a lot of people who transition from tobacco products to the best electronic cigarette designs also assert that their own sense of taste and smell improve as well. Even minor changes like these can feel incredible when working to kick your habit. Being able to truly taste and enjoy your food will give you the determination to keep plugging forward, even when temptations rear their head.